Health Bulletin

Immunizations – Sprout Kinderhouse accepts children who are not immunized.  All children must have turned in with records either an updated immunization sheet on the official state of CO form or a state of CO non medical or otherwise expedition form.

When to Stay Home – When the children have a fever or it has been less than 24hrs. of having a fever home in as restful state as possible is best for them.  If they have not had a fever but they have a compromise to their system in some way that is affecting their energy level it is also best to stay home.  The play we do at Sprout is really the work of childhood and it takes all their greatest mental and physical energy as they learn to communicate socially, handle their emotions throughout their free play and inside work. When they are not feeling well, even if there is no fever, it is hard for them to engage and they may not have the positive experience they normally would.  No different than when we are not feeling well.  It is harder to communicate at our best level and have patience with those we are familiar with.